Robert & Nicola Royston
Joshua Sturgeon & Lindsey Nastos
Doug & Nikki Silton

Jason Miklic & Sophy Kdep
Jason & Annmarie Marker
Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair
Greg Scott & Lemery Rollins
Markus Smith & Trendlyon Veal
Doug & Lori Rousar
Ben Hooten,
Luis Crespo
Taletha Jouzdani, Debbie Ramsey-Boz

  Jason Barnes, Arjay Centeno
Robin Smith, Gary Jobst
Deborah Szekely, Dawn Garrish

Daniel McGee & Ginny Carey
Jameson Kilburn & Christy Kam
Erik & Anna Novoa
Tybaldt & Hazel Ulrich
Brian Gallagher, Donna Boyle
Silvana Gallagher, Stephanie Risser
Kim Vanaman, Joyce Szili, Billy Marti

DJs & MCs
Robert Royston, Louis St. George
Erica Lyons, Helen Tocco, Katie Fallon
Jameson Kilburn & Joyce Szili

Robert & Nicola Royston (NY) Robert is one of the most successful competitive dancers in Country and Swing, winning many World and US Open titles. He is also a member of the UCWDC Hall of Fame. Together, Robert and Nicola have won multiple Showcase Swing Championships, Division 1 Country Grand Championships, and Cabaret titles. They hold multiple strictly swing and jack & Jill titles, and are Top 5 NASDE finishers. They have performed on numerous NYC Stages and on television shows, have choreographed for artists like Kellie Pickler, Sugarland, Taylor Swift, and for films such as “Love N’ Dancing.” As internationally recognized judges and teachers, the pair travels, teaching, judging and performing their exciting choreography year-round.


Jason Miklic & Sophy Kdep are professional dance instructors, choreographers and performers based in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.  They travel all over the country teaching, competing, performing, coaching and judging at dance events and dance studios.  They encourage everyone to Live like there’s no tomorrow, Love without prejudice, Laugh often & DANCE from the heart. www.jasonandsophy.com/
Joshua Stugon & Lindsey Nastos (OR) Joshua began his life of partner dancing when he walked into a country barin the Seattle area on his 21st birthday. Soon after, he migrated to ballroomwhere he spent a few years competing and teaching for the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Boise, Idaho. He then moved back to Seattle where he gotheavily involved in salsa, spending the next two years dancing, teaching, traveling, and performing with the prestigious Salsa Salvaje dance troupe. After dabbling in multiple forms of dancing for 12 years, he decided in 2010that WCS would be his home. He currently competes at the All Star level and is known for the unique style he brings to the floor. Robert Royston says of him, “He is the perfect combination of what’s new about swing, andthen what’s kinda retro-cool about swing... He’s like Usher meets Sinatra.”Lindsey started dancing at the age of six. Over the past twenty years she has had extensive training in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, modern, hiphop, acro, Flamenco, and gymnastics. In her last two years of regional contemporary competitions, her solo was undefeated in the northwest, alsoreceiving multiple titles, awards, and scholarships. She won third place at nationals before going on to study dance full time at the University of California, Irvine. After her time there, she worked as a dancer with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for five years, traveling the world and dabbling in many new styles of movement. Shortly after discovering west coast swing, Lindsey skyrocketed through the ranks to become an All Star in barely overa year. She’s now known for her movement quality, natural presence on stage, and passion for any and all kinds of dancing.In November, 2014 Joshua and Lindsey celebrated their one year anniversary as a partnership with a 6th place finish at the US Open inthe Classic division. After their debut at the Open the previous year, they hit the swing circuit aggressively, traveling and teaching in the US and abroad, amassing two Top 5 Classic awards by the end of the year: Capital(4th) and Palm Springs Summer (3rd). They’ve started this year off with a bang, coming in 4th at America’s Classic Championships. They are known for their hilarious chemistry, exciting and on-the-fly social dancing, fun and challenging workshops, and the unique choreography within their routines
Jason & Annmarie Marker (MI) share a love for teaching, competing, judging and performing across the country. They both adore West Coast Swing, and are passionate about sharing the love of the dance with others. Annmarie has placed top 3 on the NASDE J&J Tour more than once and is known for her creative dance style. Jason is known for his smooth precision and took 4th place at the 2007 US Open. Together they form a dynamic partnership on the dance floor and offer a true balance of technical and creative instruction for leaders and followers of all levels.
Markus Smith & Trendlyon Veal  Markus Smith is an accomplished and award winning dance competitor, choreographer and instructor. He has been featured on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance”, BET’s “106 and Park” program, and the movie Love N’ Dancing. He was a co-host of DC DANCING TEENS, a youth hand dance show that has been seen on Globaldancetv and shown on DCTV channel 95 in Washington DC. Trendlyon Veal is a dance instructor, choreographer, and competitor with over seven years of competition and teaching experience. She has placed first in a number of Jack and Jill, Pro Am and Strictly Swing competitions. Markus and Trendlyon are both Tri State Connection Champions. Together they travel across the United States and internationally teaching, competing, judging, and performing at National Swing Dance events, in addition to volunteer and community outreach. They both routinely place among the top 5 in professional competitive divisions and as performers, their entertainment value is unmatched. www.facebook.com/pages/StuckOnSwing
Luis Crespo (CA) & Taletha Jouzdani (TX) Luis Crespo has over 10 years of dance experience in ballroom, latin, and west coast swing. He is originally from New York City, and currently resides in California. He feels the most expressive in west coast swing. He earned a US Open Strictly champion title in 2002, and a US Open Showcase 3rd place in 2009. Luis is known for his unique styling showcasing break-dance and ballroom backgrounds. Taletha Jouzdani has been teaching partner dancing for over 14 years and is known for her ability to create the perfect balance of technical and playful in her instruction. Currently, Taletha teaches independently in Austin, Texas, where she is a member of the staff at Austin City Dance Club. She has extensive training in various partner dance styles including Country, Latin Social, Hustle, Ballroom and of course West Coast Swing. Taletha currently competes in in Jack & Jill and Strictly Swing at the All Star/Champion level (placing 2nd in the NASDE Tour for 2010). Together, Luis and Taletha work as professional, competitive dancers teaching across the US. They work to recognize smooth, crisp, sharp style in both their classes and performances. www.luiscrespo.com/ www.talethaj.com
Robert Jackson & Connie Gauthier (MD)
Arjay Centeno (NJ) Arjay is from California and currently resides in North Arlington, New Jersey. He began his love of dance in high school with hip hop, and after spending a few years in the Ballroom/Latin circuit, had great success in west coast swing with his then dance partner Melissa Rutz. He is still one of the fastest male dancers to climb the ranks to the champions division. Currently Arjay specializes in west coast swing; performing, teaching and judging around the world.
Dawn Garrish (MD) was the first UCWDC masters level Country Dance World Champion and holds 6 US Open swing titles including Showcase, Cabaret, Team & Champions Jack & Jill. She has been teaching for over 20 years in both communities. She is the main choreographer at the US Naval Academy Theatre where her shows include Damn Yankees, Oklahoma, Guys & Dolls, Annie Get Your Gun, and Hairspray. Along with her husband Dean she hosts one of the longest standing weekly dances in the DC area. Dawn is the Dance Jam Productions chief of judges. www.deananddawn.com
Deborah Székely (TX) is a member of the Dallas D.A.N.C.E. Hall of Fame and a five-time US Open Swing Dance Champion with over 25 years of performance and teaching experience. Deborah brings a phenomenal style and presence to social and competitive west coast swing. Her natural creative talents and years of technical training in ballet, jazz, tap, and swing dancing make her a remarkable instructor. Both in private and classroom environment, she is an effective, brilliant instructor. Continually, she places at or near the tops of invitational jack and jill and strictly swing categories. Deborah travels about 40 weekends each year sharing her knowledge of dance.www.szekelydance.com/

Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair (CA) As Sean McKeever and Courtney Adair are one of the most exciting new partnerships in West Coast Swing. Since the beginning of their
relationship, (in dance and in love) three years ago they have taught
throughout the United States, Europe and Canada. Known for their love
of social dancing, enthusiastic workshops and entertaining
performances, they continue to inspire wherever they go. Successes
include nominations for the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame, top
placements in the NASDE Jack and Jill tour and consistent top 5
finishes in the NASDE Classic division. They are excited to be back at Swing Fling!


Jason Barnes (NC) or "Jzone" is tall.  He’s not the most politically correct teacher in the business, but that is one of the many things that make him unique. He encourages group interaction with back and forth communication in his workshops.  “Never be afraid to ask me a question or tell me a joke.” He is also a choreographer, MC, coach, judge, DJ, performer and competitor who has won over 350 titles over his 18 year dance career.  Along with a West Coast Swing, U.S. Open Team title, and the 2-Step Across America National Championship, Jason has earned many Top Teacher awards in Ballroom, Country Western, Hustle and West Coast Swing. www.westcoastswingzone.com

Brent & Kellese Key (FL) Together they are three time US Open Classic Division Champions, four time Americas’ Classic Champions, and Dallas Dance Classic and Showcase winners. Brent is the first male dancer to win the shag division at the US Open, and Kellese is the first female dancer to win in both the classic and showcase categories. She holds three US Open Showcase Division Titles. Brent and Kellese are living legends of swing. Currently residing in Sarasota, Florida, they love teaching all over as they travel all over the world sharing their love of dance. They are a couple that generates great anticipation and excitement whenever they set foot on the floor. www.swankdancefitness.com/
Greg Scott & Lemery Rollins (MD) Gregory and Lemery have over 30 years dancing experience combined, including Country, Ballroom and Salsa. They have been focusing on competing in West Coast Swing together since 2009. They are the 2012 and 2013 NASDE Tour winners. They also placed 3rd at the 2013 US Open in the Showcase Division.  They are a unique couple who are excited to continue to share their art and knowledge with the dance world.
Erik & Anna Novoa (CT) are one of the only couples to have both a competitive west coast swing and a hustle routine in the circuit. Erik is a nationally ranked competitive dancer in both hustle and west coast swing who has titles competing in both. He has over 10 years competing in west coast swing and hustle, and has excelled in strictly swing and jack and jill competitions at numerous national events. His extensive ballet, jazz, and tap training are evident in his highly intricate routines and expert teaching style. Anna has trained in both classical and modern styles of ballroom and latin dance. She combines the discipline of ballet with the creativity of partner dancing, and is known for her spins, turns & technique. The pair resides in southern Connecticut and are sought and remembered for their impeccable technique and professional teaching methods. www.swingshoes.net
Tybalt & Hazel Ulrich (NJ) have over 30 years combined dance experience. From their home in Houston they travel across the country teaching, competing, performing and judging both hustle and west swing competitions. As competitors, Tybalt and Hazel are previous MADjam Swing & Hustle champions, 2-time World Hustle Champions, and often place high in invitational jack and jills for both hustle and west coast swing. As performers, they are known for bringing power and subtlety to their dances. In teaching, the couple puts an emphasis on partner connection and bringing joy and confidence to your dancing whether through basic or advanced patterns, together they help students understand the fundamentals to add groove and flow to your dancing.
Kelvin Roche & Lori Ann Greenhouse (NY)hold 6 World Hustle Championship titles together. From Farmingville, New York, the couple travel internationally teaching, performing and choreographing both in theatrical and partner dances. They have won awards as competitors and teachers, for the MADjam Showcase Division, and NY Hustle Pro Theatre Arts. Their choreography across numerous dance styles never fails to bring down the house.
Danny McGee & Ginny Carey (PA) have been dancing together 12 years.  In that time, they have acquired numerous awards.  Most notably, Daniel and Ginny are the current World Hustle Champions, a title they have held for two years.  In addition to their joint accomplishments, Daniel is the founder and co-owner of Top Hat Dance Studios of Philadelphia and Lancaster, PA.  Daniel is currently serving his second term as president of the IHDA, the organization in which he has served on the board since 2003.  Adding to Daniel’s performing and choreographic credits, Daniel also holds an Associate Standard and Licentiate Theatre Arts certification with ISTD as well as an Associate Hustle certification with IHDA/DVIDA.  Hailing from Lancaster, PA, Ginny has been trained and tested in the Checcetti style of ballet since the age of 2.  Ginny has studied extensively with the Lancaster School of Ballet, Ukraine’s Donetsk Ballet and the Ballet Theatre of Lancaster.  Upon moving to Philadelphia, Ginny continued her training at the University of the Arts with teachers from the Joffery Ballet Company, Koresh Dance Company, and Philadanco. Ginny also holds a Licentiate Theatre Arts certification with the ISTD and an Associate Hustle certification with IHDA/DVIDA.  Together Daniel and Ginny have developed a solid, recognizable dance partnership that is known for its lyrical and dynamic attributes.
Jameson Kilburn & Christy Kam as a relatively new partnership have exploded onto the competitive partner dance scene in a huge way. In the past year they have consistently placed in the top three at all of the major events that they have attended and are an exciting addition to the competitive dance floor.  Together, they bring a unique flavor to partner dancing, drawing from their dance training and experience in Hustle, Ballroom, Latin, Ballet and Theater dancing.  Jameson is co-owner of Top Hat Dance Studio of Philadelphia and Lancaster where he can be found teaching group classes and private lessons in many styles of dance.  Jameson is also proud to be a certified member of the US Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (USISTD) and has been an active board member of the International Hustle Dance Association (IHDA) for the past 6 years.  Christy started as a ballerina trained under the Royal Academy of Dance and found partner dancing in 2000 when she moved to Philadelphia to study at U Penn, eventually winning the US Championship title for American Rhythm in 2006 and 2007 and for 9 dance in American Rhythm and American Smooth in 2007 at the USA Dance Nationals.
Gary Jobst (AR) began dancing in 1989 in the country western scene. He competed in many UCWDC World Champion Division 1 competitions, and holds two US Open titles. He is the chief judge at many swing events throughout the country. He currently enjoys teaching, judging and performing all over the United States and Europe. garyjobst.com
Douglas Rousar (OH) works full-time as a dance instructor, event director, chief judge, coordinator, and competitor. He has been involved in various forms of music and performance arts since early childhood. Once discovering west coast swing in 2001, was quick to fall in love with the dance. Doug has competed successfully in sophisticated swing divisions, and remains a repeating finalist in many jack and jill and strictly champions and all-star divisions. Although Doug feels technique is the single most important aspect to becoming a great social dancer; he builds his teaching philosophy and approaches life and his students with the motto: If it’s not FUN it’s not worth it! www.rousardance.com/
Robin Smith (NC) has been dancing, teaching, and competing in dance for over 25 years. For the past 12 years, he has focused exclusively on west coast swing, studying with only the best in the business. With a diverse professional background in music, dance and martial arts, he has a unique understanding of body movement and has a knack for conveying that understanding to his students. He has won multiple top-teacher awards and loves sharing his vast knowledge and passion for west coast swing. www.robinsmithswing.com/

Stephanie Risser (PA) has won numerous hustle competitions, including International Hustle & Salsa Competition, Disco America, and MadJam. Her background lies in extensive ballet training all through grade school and in college where she graduated from the University of Hartford with a BFA in Dance Pedagogy. Stephanie has since been teaching and performing for multiple different schools and companies. Currently she teaches partner dance for two dance studios primarily focusing on hustle, swing, ballroom and ballet. www.stephaniedance.com/

Silvana Gallagher (PA) is known as one of the top theater and hustle dancers in the United States. Having a successful 10-year partnership with partner Brian Gallagher, Silvana is now focusing on her ever-increasing skill as an instructor. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she travels nationally teaching, judging and competing in hustle. Silvana’s enthusiastic approach to teaching and performing are evident on her audiences as well as her students.

Joyce Szili (MD) has been Hustle dancing and competing since the mid 70's. For the past 18 years she has instructed, judged and DJ'd at many national dance events. In the early 80's she appeared on the syndicated dance show "Dance Fever" and in the video "Shake Your Groove Thing" with Peaches and Herb. She has successfully competed nationally with professional and amateur partners and has received numerous Top Female Teacher Awards.
Joyce has directed, coached and choreographed local Hustle Dance Teams for over 10years and has also produced, directed and choreographed several full length variety/dinner shows. Joyce is on the Board of Directors of the International Hustle Dance Association,  serving as Membership Director. www.justhustle.com

Donna Boyle (PA) is one of the original partners of Hustle USA Dance Championships, and is the driving force behind “Disco America.” She is recognized as a major contributor and a pillar of the hustle dance community. A full-time dance instructor, a DJ, and a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the World Hustle Dance Championships, Donna continues to host and promote events through the Philadelphia and New Jersey Area.

Brian Gallagher (PA) is a long-time hustle champion based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is known for his dynamic execution of hustle and is focused on promoting and teaching hustle dancers and competitors. Brian trained in ballroom and latin dance prior to his hustle career and incorporates travelling, shaping, syncopations and speed in his hustle choreography in a way that is easily noticed. Brian excels at the breakdown of patterns, and helps his students understand the major components of the dance.

Louis St. George (NH) is a full-time professional DJ. Serving primarily the west coast swing and line dance crowds, Louis travels year-round providing the highest quality music for dancers of all types. With over 15 years of DJ experience, DJ Louie is never missing what to play next, and loves keeping a dance floor rocking.
Katie Fallon (OH)
Helen Tocco (Los Angeles, CA) is a vibrant, popular swing DJ for jam-style competitions and social dance alike. She DJs regularly at both local dances in and around her home in Los Angeles, California, as well as many national events. Before moving to California, she could be found spinning tunes and teaching lessons weekly in Maryland and the DC area. Though her roots are in lindy hop, Helen started west coast swing dancing in 1999 and with several first place wins through the advanced level jack and jills and strictly competitions, became an all-star level dancer. She has now over 10 years of experience teaching and DJing west coast swing. Her mix of soulful and inspiring music always gets dancers moving their feet.
Tim Johnson (MI) has been DJing professionally for over 13 years. Locally in Flint Michigan, he both teaches and DJs a variety of dances year round. He has years of study in music, science, physics, electronics and computers. Travelling to many dance weekend events he has had the pleasure of using his talents, and working with some of the best in the business. Tim considers a great DJ to be more than a collection of equipment, but an artist, entertainer, and technician. He provides a great mix of music to entertain an entire audience. www.dancefanatics.com
Erica Lyons (CA) has been into the West Coast Swing scene for almost 12 years, currently dancing at the All Star level. About five years ago, she delved into the world of DJing to explore another aspect of her love of the dance. Since then, Erica has DJed a large variety of dance events and weekly dances from coast to coast. She enjoys keeping people on the dance floor, and can't wait to keep the ballroom rocking all night long!"

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