Ben Morris & Victoria Henk
Gary McIntrye & Susan Kirklin
PJ Turner & Tashina Beckmann
Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair

Markus Smith & Trendlyon Veal
Greg Scott & Lemery Rollins
Steve Wilder & Lara Deni
Jerome & Bonnie Subey
Phillipe & Flore Berne
Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay
Frank Blakemore & Victoria Andromalos-Dale
Debbie Ramsey & Ryan Boz

Patty Vo
Matthew Smith
Kay Newhouse

Carrie Lucas
Robert Cordoba
Debbie Tuttle-Steffanina
Robin Smith
Alyssa Gillespie
Anne Fleming
Rob Glover
Guigo Sortica (Zouk)
Darius Zi (Zouk)
Carlito Rofoli
Stephen White

DJs  Louis St. George,  Victor Loveira
Jes Ann Nail, James Kong, Kelli Kilgore, Kristen Shaw

Robert Royston, Victor Loveira

Tim Johnson & Becky Larson (video)
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Tammy Davis (Newcomer Program Coordinator)
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Robert Royston (NY) is an 8x US Open swing champion in 5 different divisions, who holds 4 World Country Dance titles, 3 USA Grand Nationals titles, and 4 Phoenix Champion of Champion Jack and Jill trophies. The '14 and '15 National Association of Swing Dance Events (NASDE) tour Champion, and a member of 5 different dance Halls of Fame, Royston has performed, choreographed, and produced on film, tv, and stage for over thirty years. His career-long devotion to being the best teacher he can be has led him to train in many systems of movement, and has helped earn him the reputation as one of the greatest teachers in the world of dance today. Oh... And he is the "voice" of over 20 events a year!
PJ Turner (TN) & Tashina Beckmann (CA) were brought together by a mutual passion: joy of movement through West Coast Swing. They began their partnership in May 2013, and debuted their 1st ever Classic Routine in July 2013 at Swingtime in the Rockies. Within their first year of partnership they consistently placed Top 5 at major US NASDE and other WSDC events in the Classic Division, having a phenomenal start with their "Feel Again" routine.  They have continued to place Top 5 with their 2nd and 3rd Routines. Almost immediately following their debut they started teaching at events & workshop weekends throughout the US. Throughout 2014 they traveled, taught, competed, performed and judged at National and International Events.  Promoters and students alike love their fun energetic personalities, humorous accents, professionalism, and passion for late night dancing. Their partnership is strengthened by the fact that their individual and now mutual life dreams were and continue to be professional dancers. They are so grateful they get to experience this together.
Ben Morris & Victoria Henk (CA) US Open Classic division champions
Gary McIntyre & Susan Kirklin (TX) US Open Classic division champions

Sean Mckeever & Courtney Adair  (CA) Thier partnership extends beyond the dance floor and is rooted in their love for one another. They began dating in 2010 and started their partnership in West Coast Swing within the next year. An engagement followed 2 years later. They have spent the last 6 years together, traveling, training, teaching and competing, to become one of the most established and prolific couples in swing. Over this time they have accrued numerous national titles in strictly swing and jack and jill competitions, several awards on the NASDE circuit, and consistent top placements as one of the world’s top Classic Swing Division couples. They are most well known for their innovative and intellectual teaching, approachable and social attitudes, and unique interpretation of traditional West Coast Swing.
Greg Scott & Lemery Rollins (MD) have over 20 years dancing experience combined.  Greg started in American Ballroom but competed in country winning many titles.  He also has a background in ballet, jazz and hip hop.  Lemery started in International 10 Dance (both Ballroom and Latin) and won many titles including: 3rd in the world pro/am 10 dance, 5Th in the world and 3rd in the USA pro/am Latin.  She is also skilled in American Ballroom, Salsa, and Argentine Tango.  Greg and Lemery are currently focusing on West Coast Swing, Greg winning many All-Star J&J and Strictlys. Together they have solidified their place within the top 5 couples in Showcase Division this year and are both currently at the top of the NASDE tour.  They are a unique couple who are excited to be dancing their third routine together.  They are nurturing instructors who believe that a strong foundation leads to a higher obtainable level and look forward to sharing their love of dance with you.

Markus Smith & Trendlyon Veal  (MD) Markus is an accomplished and award winning dance competitor, choreographer and instructor. He has been featured on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance”, BET’s “106 and Park” program, and the movie Love N’ Dancing. He was a co-host of DC DANCING TEENS, a youth hand dance show that has been seen on Globaldancetv and shown on DCTV channel 95 in Washington DC. Trendlyon Veal is a dance instructor, choreographer, and competitor with over seven years of competition and teaching experience. Most rece has placed first in a number of Jack and Jill, Pro Am and Strictly Swing competitions. Markus and Trendlyon are both Tri State Connection Champions. Together they travel across the United States and internationally teaching, competing, judging, and performing at National Swing Dance events, in addition to volunteer and community outreach. They both routinely place among the top 5 in professional competitive divisions and  as performers, their entertainment value is one of a kind. Read more at www.stuckonswing.com

Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay (FL) are renowned worldwide for their precision, variety, and teaching methods within West Coast Swing. Since 2011, they have taken the circuit by storm with their Classic routines and are re-defining the learning process of the dance world. They will lead you through energetic dances while sharing their advice on all things dance.
Hugo and Stacy reside in sunny Clearwater, Florida and travel as competitors, judges, and choreographers for numerous events in different dance styles. Both continue to share their passion for dance and enjoy working with all levels of experiences. They work with top professionals in many different dance styles distinctly furthering their education and experience. Their philosophy is to introduce and foster fresh, comprehensive dance knowledge for their students by giving more of themselves within every experience.

Jerome & Bonnie Subey (NJ) met on the dance floor, and from their first contact, the passion was apparent. Even though they come from different countries (with different languages!) and different dance backgrounds, their dance styles complete one another, giving Jerome and Bonnie a specific style entirely their own. Their complementarity as a couple brings out the passion they have for dancing, teaching, and always wanting to improve. They have both completed the GPDIA judging intensive and are now certified judges,.
Philippe & Flore Berne hail from France, now living and working in Montreal, Canada. Philippe’s background is in the competition world and Flore’s is the world of social dancing. Together, they evolved rapidly in national and international competitions and took it to the biggest French stages with Charly Moser’s dance Company (Feeling Dance Show), known for their numerous TV and live appearances. Today, they are emerging West Coast Swing Showcase champions. They also still compete in DanceSport and turned professional in the 2014 season, becoming Canadian Professional 10-Dance Vice-Champion at their first Canadian professional championship. www.philippeandflore.com

Frank Blakemore & Victoria Andromalos-Dale (PA) Meeting in 2010, Frank and Victoria's chemistry on the floor was undeniable. Together, through the local swing community, Pghwcs, they discovered their passion for west coast swing lies in community building and fostering a fun environment for people to learn and grow as dancers. In 2015, they became a partnership traveling to communities teaching and spreading their joy for swing.
Dawn Garrish (MD) has been teaching social and competitive dance in the Washington, DC area for over 32 years. She started as a baton twirler at the age of 5, winning the US Title in Dance Twirl at the age of 12.    It wasn’t until she hit the local bar scene that she fell in LOVE with couples dancing. Her knowledge in Competitive Country Dance and West Coast swing is extensive. She holds 7 US Open swing titles in 4 different divisions.  She was the first Masters Country Dance World Champion.  She has won over 25 Top teacher awards, and was inducted into the Country Dance Hall of Fame in 2016.  She has been judging for over 25 years and found her niche as Head Judge 10 years ago.  Since then she can be found as the Head judge of many event across the US. She prides herself in idea that “The competitors come first”!  Her memory is (normally) amazing and never minds if you ask her, her opinion. She is after all a MOM of two upcoming dancers themselves! 
Steve Wilder (VA) is an All-Star West Coast Swing dancer from New York known for his entertaining teaching style and nonstop social dancing. He actually started dancing because he thought it would be a great way to meet women, but he immediately fell in love with dancing instead. In 2014, Steve began his career in teaching West Coast Swing throughout New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York areas. During 2015-2016 Steve traveled and taught in and around New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia.  He loves creating an emotional and physical connection with his dance partners whether it be on the competitive floor or social floor. He looks forward to continuing his journey as an Instructor, Judge and Choreographer with his new dance partner Lara Deni. 

Lara Deni (VA) began her teaching career at 15 in her mother’s dance studio. A year later she was performing with an adult dance troupe and traveling the East Coast and Canada as a professional adjudicator for youth Tap, Jazz and Ballet dance competitions. She trained in Tap, Jazz and Ballet, achieving a BFA in Dance. Teaching and competing on the Ballroom/Latin and Lindy circuits, Lara brings a wide range of knowledge and understanding to her classes. Lara won Top Teacher Award at DCSX 2014 and MadJam 2015. She and former partner Keith Stremmel won 5 Titles Nationally in the Classic Rising Star division, and she has won over 15 National Titles/Placements in All Star Jack & Jill and Strictly divisions. In 2015, she started a youth program, and she has just started to bring West Coast Swing to other Virginia communities far outside of the Metro DC area. She encourages and helps her students attain their goals in dance, while making the process of growing and learning a fun and rewarding one. Lara specializes in teaching, performing, choreographing and judging West Coast Swing. www.denidanzco.com
Patty Vo (TX) is a U.S. Open Champion and UCWDC World Champion. She began dancing at a local bar and soon after transitioned into competitive dancing and never looked back. She has gone on to win several Showcase Division and Champion Strictly and Jack and Jills. She currently travels globally, teaching, judging, coaching, and performing. Although abroad most weekends she still enjoys sharing her love of the dance and inspiring dancers with her fun and graceful style. When she’s not judging or teaching, you can always find her out on the social dance floor. In her teaching style, Patty focuses on connection, centering, musicality, footwork, and lead/follow techniques, also incorporating various aspects of her favorite dances: West Coast Swing, Country, Salsa, Ballroom, and Jazz.  Her classes are very challenging, innovative, and extremely insightful.  Her methods have produced some of the fastest moving and best dancers in the country.
Her dance training includes West Coast Swing, Ballroom, Salsa, Jazz, Lyrical, Hustle, Aerial Silk and Country.
Matthew Smith (FL). Matthew began dancing when he was just five years old, and moved into West Coast Swing intensely nearly twenty years ago. Drawing on his many years of experience in this rapidly changing dance, he combines a contemporary sense of lyrical musicality with a passion for the fundamentals of west coast swing. Matthew teaches with Kay Newhouse (co-director of MADjam, DCSX and Swing Fling), focusing on social proficiency and the ways that good technique make dancing easier and more fun.
Kay Newhouse (MD) fell in love with West Coast Swing in the Washington DC area in the mid 90s, and has traveled to visit WCS dance conventions and social scenes around the country for many years. Now co-director of DCSX, Swing Fling and MADjam, she brings friendly warmth and attention to each of us as valuable members of a social dance community. As a teacher & event organizer, she balance a sense of the fun of performance and competition with a strong belief that the essential soul of this dance resides within everyone's reach, on the shared social floor. She is known for being playful and inclusive, and for a focus on respect and cooperation. Her classes with teaching partner Matthew Smith emphasize responsive partnership to build mutual creativity and social proficiency within the framework of West Coast Swing. www.KayWCS.com
Robert Cordoba (FL) Dance Champion.  Coach.  Choreographer.  U.S. Swing Dance Champion.  Hall of Famer.Dancing, teaching, performing, choreographing and judging for over thirty years. He started competing in International Latin at the age of sixteen when he was a member of two U.S. International Latin American formation teams (placing 5th and taking the bronze medal at the World Ballroom Formation Team Championships). He was a top U.S Amateur competitor representing the at events throughout until he switched to West Coast Swing in 1990. Within two years he won his first U.S. Open title. For the past twenty years Robert has averaged approximately forty weekends per year traveling around the world to teach West Coast Swing. His impressive list of accomplishments includes: 7 U.S. Open titles, 4 consecutive USA Grand National titles, 4 consecutive N.A.S.D.E. titles, multiple J&J and Strictly Swing titles, was voted best Classic Swing Dancer by Dance Action magazine, was awarded “U.S. Open Social Dancer”, and he was the first person to win 3 consecutive US Open titles. Robert is a member of the “Super 7″ – dancers who won BOTH the Showcase and the Classic Divisions at the U.S. Open. He is a California Swing Dance Hall of Famer, Dallas D.A.N.C.E. Hall of Famer and a World Swing Dance Hall of Famer. Robert Cordoba has judged every major event including the Grand Nationals and U.S. Open multiple times. Robert can be reached directly at robcordoba@aol.com.
Carrie Lucas offers over 25 years of experience as a Judge and Competitor.  She is a respected coach in the West Coast Swing Circuit. Known for her "Dance like a Lady" Styling and Sassy Syncopated footwork, Carrie has extensive training in classical dance, Ballroom, Latin and Country, which she credits for her appreciation in both the evolving nature of West Coast Swing, while respecting its traditional roots. As an active competitor, Carrie has numerous 1st place J&J wins, most notably: The "U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships" Masters, 2-time "SwingDiego" Masters, and is a "California Swing Dance Hall of Fame" Recipient.  https://www.carrielucas.com.
Debbie Tuttle-Steffanina (MD) is a full-time professional dance instructor in the Washington DC area. She is a UCWDC Champion, Pro-Am Instructor, and Dance Event Coordinator. Lessons include individual, couple, group classes, specialty workshops with a concentration in West Coast Swing (WCS) and Hustle dance styles, as well as providing private lessons in most of the ballroom dances. Her dance roots go back to days in ballet, jazz, modern, improv, hula and international ballroom and she studies extensively with many top professionals plus has the distinction of being a Premier West Coast Swing Dancer. Her experience and accomplishments in the dance community provide her students with an extensive knowledge base to learn and grow. She knows what it takes to become an accomplished dancer. She also teaches the basics for building confidence in dancing, and gives tips to help you look good when dancing in social settings. Debbie has earned many Top Teacher awards with ProAm students. Experience  http://dancewithdebbie.com/
Robin Smith (NC) has been dancing, teaching, and competing in dance for over 25 years. For the past 12 years, he has focused exclusively on west coast swing, studying with only the best in the business. With a diverse professional background in music, dance and martial arts, he has a unique understanding of body movement and has a knack for conveying that understanding to his students. He has won multiple top-teacher awards and loves sharing his vast knowledge and passion for west coast swing.
Alyssa Gillespie (VA) began dancing at the age of seven and by 16, she was instructing at a local ballroom studio.  In 2011, she was exposed to West Coast Swing and was instantly captivated with its’ innovative, playful, and expressive nature.  West Coast Swing became the primary focus of her dancing and Alyssa quickly rose through the competitive ranks to the All-star division.  Alyssa has a strong focus on technique and was honored with the inaugural Rose Mary Bartolini Technical Dancer Memorial Award.  With a passion for teaching, Alyssa strives to quickly develop confident, stylish, and well-rounded students regardless of their previous dance experience.
Anne Fleming (MA) has been dancing and teaching West Coast Swing, Hustle, and Country Two-Step for almost 20 years. Her support of the WCS community has been steadfast since the early days of it’s development. Anne’s classes are well-known for their relaxed sense of fun as well as for her command of the dances she teaches. Anne competes at the highest levels herself, and knows how to teach her students to enjoy the dance as well as to excel.
To inquire about private lessons email Anne
Rob Glover (MA)
Guigo Sortica (Brasil) My name is Guigo Sortica. I’m 35 years old. From Porto Alegre, South of Brazil. I own a dance studio that offers several different types of dances, but mostly Samba, Zouk, Bachata and West Coast Swing.I have been teaching for 16 years. Giving workshops in my city and all over the state . Zouk was the Brazilian dance that I studied the most, participating in workshops with the most popular Brazilian Instructors that are famous all over the world, like Renata Paçanha, Adilio Porto,Mafie Zouker,Breno Arcanjo, Kadu and Larissa, Leo Neves and Becky, Arthur and Layssa, William and Paloma, Bruno Galhardo, Jakub Jakoubek and a lot more.Since 2012 I’ve been studying West Coast Swing and how to Mix it with Zouk.... That’s my new passion.
Last year I gave my first workshop abroad. I teach zouk and how to incorporate zouk on West Coast Swing at the Venue, a wonderful dance studio in Pontiac/Michigan (USA). After that, I also gave workshops in DC, Chicago and specially New York, where I “live” when I’m in the United States.
Darius Zi: Toronto, Canada. An international Brazilian Zouk instructor. Renowned for his high degree of creativity and musicality, and his theatrical productions. In 2010 Darius embraced Zouk and founded dZouk Productions. dZouk has become one of the most expansive Brazilian Zouk organizations in the world. With his partner Laura Riva, they organised Vision Dance Encounter - North America’s first Zouk & WCS crossover event. Darius also co-organizes Canada Zouk Congress, runs Toronto’s Zouk University program, trains blind dancers in Zouk, and creates both individual and full-length shows. Beyond dance, Darius is a tech entrepreneur. He is the founder of Danceplace Digital, a software company that brings innovation to the dance community through event management apps and curated resources.  www.danceplace.com/info
Carlito Rofoli (CA)
Louis St. George (KY) is a full-time professional DJ. Serving primarily the west coast swing and line dance crowds, Louis travels year-round providing the highest quality music for dancers of all types. With over 15 years of DJ experience, DJ Louie is never missing what to play next, and loves keeping a dance floor rocking.
Victor Loveira (NC) Originally from Houston, Victor has over 30 years experience as a DJ and over 17 years experience as a swing DJ. Victor's first WCS event to DJ was The Texas Classic in 1995 in Dallas, Texas. From that point on, he has had the good fortune of DJing many of the countries’ top swing events including The US Open, Dallas DANCE, Boogie by the Bay, USA Grand Nationals, Americas' Classic, Liberty Swing, Swing Diego, Swing Fling, Summer Hummer, Nashville Classic, Worlds and Phoenix. Victor has also traveled internationally to DJ at prestigious swing events in London. To his credit, Victor is considered by peers to be one of the top Swing DJs in the business and travels approximately 40 weeks in a given year. In 2005, Victor was honored with the AllSwing DJ of the Year Award. He won Best DJ of 2011 at the first annual Westie Awards Gala, an honor bestowed on him by his west coast dance peers. In 2012, Victor was inducted into the Allswing DJ Hall of Fame.
Jes Ann Nail (NY) started DJing in 2013 after dancing West Coast Swing for 3 years and discovering her love for the diversity of music WCS had to offer. Coming from traditional Ballroom to WCS was musical liberation for her which sparked an interest in pursuing a side career DJing in the WCS community. Being a Ballroom Instructor by profession coupled with some prior experience as a DJ, allowed for a seamless transition into the WCS world. She enjoys collecting a variety of music but her favorites include Contemporary and Indie Pop, Blues, and Acoustic Covers. Jes Ann calls New York City home but enjoys traveling the US and Europe teaching, competing, and DJing to become the medium between two of her passions, dance and music.

James Kong
(MD) made his DJing start in Pittsburgh beginning in 2012 and became a local favorite. After moving to DC, James returned to DJing in 2016 as DC dances opened up their late night slots to “power hour” DJs. James (a.k.a. DJ LOJYK) aims to delight and inspire dancers with with his varied and dynamic sets. At Swing Fling James will prepare a unique music selection for the "Swouk" party Satruday night. This will include music that works well for both West Coast Swing and Zouk.
Kelli Kilgore (MD) has always wanted to dance. 10 years ago, when she was looking for dance classes, only ballroom classes were an option. She found WCS, and never looked back. Kelli has always wanted to be an active participant in all aspects of WCS not just dancing. She’s worked events since 2007 in various roles. She got her first opportunity to DJ in 2012 when her local Va Beach community was is need of a DJ for a local dance. After getting the bug she began research and studying under DJs like Ruby Lair and Louis St. George in order to grow into the DJ she hoped to be. She got her first opportunity to DJ at Sweet Side of Swing in Atlanta through their mentorship program. Since then she’s gone on to Dj local DC dances regularly, travel to other communities like Philly and Charlottesville to spread her love of music and play other events including DC Out and Philly Swing Classic. She considers DC her home and is excited to join the DJP team this year at Swing Fling. Kellii’s known for matching the mood for each audience, adapting as she goes to keep dancers engaged. Kelli loves meeting new people, creating a community, and traveling to new communities. She hopes that her passion for dance and music reaches each and every dancer on the dance floor and they find that same joy she has in each song.

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