Thank You!

Many people contribute time and talent off camera, behind the scenes to help make Swing Fling a success. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you so much for being great at what you do….

Registration team managers: Amy Daniecki & Kendra Zara

Customer Care team managers: Rick & Cindy Dauss

Administrative team: Suzanne New, Alyssa Arter, Casey Daniels & Tammy Davis

Production team: Ian Stalker, Cobey England, Keith Penu, Brooklyn Lanham, Matt Johnson, Patrick Dement, Jeanette Senn, Kiona Leah, David Modlin, JP Quizon, Edwina Moldover, Patti Leedham

Video & Broadcasting: Becky Larson, Tim Johnson

Contest Staff: Alex Brand, Dawn Garrish, Stephanie Loveira, Alexis Garrish, Taylor Garrish, Lee Jenkins

Scoring & Data management: Paul Stoddard, Mary Caraballo

DJs: Victor Loveira, Louis St. George, Jes Ann Nail, Kristen Shaw, Joe Mahoney, Matt Johnson

Event Management: Dave Moldover, Kay Newhouse, Casey Daniels