Thank You!

Many people contribute time and talent off camera, behind the scenes to help make Swing Fling a success. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you so much for being great at what you do…. Registration team managers: Amy Daniecki & Kendra Zara Customer Care team managers: Rick & Cindy Dauss Administrative team: Suzanne New, … Read more

Videos & Photos

Professionally produced videos – FREEBecky Larson’s Moments of dance(videographer) is amazing! Invitational Jack & Jill AllStar Jack & Jill Final Advanced Jack & Jill Final Heated Jack & Jill Finals Strictly Swing Finals Open Strictly Swing Superstar Show Rising Star ProAm Spotlight Photos by official event photographers Katie Meadows, Carl Lind, Dan Sweet

Survey 2019

Thank you for coming to Swing Fling! Help us improve. What was good? What can we do better? What else should we know? We want your feedback! Event Survey – Workshop Feedback Next up: DCSX November 14-17 – We hope to see you there!

2019 Winners!

649 Entries – Scores CHOREOGRAPHY (11 routines) ProAm Spotlight Leaders1st  Kyle King w/Lemery Rollins2nd  Michael Gehrling w/Victoria Andromalos-Dale3rd  John McKenney w/Becky Larson ProAm Spotlight Followers1st  Susy Li w/Hugo Miguez2nd  Mythien Dunlap w/Frank Blakemore3rd  Maylin Morera w/Hugo Miquez4th  Christa Eppinghaus w/Markus Smith Rising Star 1st Richard DeFelice & Susan DeFelice2nd Katia Grigoriants & Rebecca Tasetano3rd Ryan Pflumm & Alaina Rogozhin4th David Moody & Kathryn Moody JACK & JILL (419 entries) These are just the finalists!  SWITCH IT UP(28 individual entries) These are just the finalists1st Faith Pangilinan & Ryan Boz2nd Kristen Shaw & Philippe Berne3rd Kelly Ponce de Leon & Flore Berne4 Gaia Read … Read more

Swing Fling Swag!

Swing Fling shirts, Ts and hoodies will be for sale. Casey has created some new designs including more colors this year! Supplies are limited so make sure you get your’s when you first arrive. All items are $25ea. Purchase at the Dance Jam Productions onsite registration office. Check out the options here

Swing Fling 2018 left us with many great memories!

Swing Fling 2018 so many great memories!
Professionally produced videos – Stills by: Carl Lind, Dan Sweet, Katherine Milford

Congratulations to the winners, finalists and everyone who danced! – Swing Fling 2018 Winners & Scores

Event directors Dave & Kay welcome your input on what you liked and how we can improve.
– Help us choose instructors and formats for future events – Workshop survey
– Let us know how our team did with other aspects – General survey

Tremendous appreciation and gratitude goes out to the Dance Jam Productions team and everyone who supported their efforts to share so much fun with so many. Every contest and all 45 workshops ran on time as advertised. An amazing contest team, instant scoring and immediate awards made large contests hassle free and fun for all. The Newcomer Welcome Program saw 42 first time attendees. Many individuals, groups, DJs and instructors volunteered time to make sure they felt included and valued amongst 700+ dancers at this event.


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