2019 Winners!

649 Entries – Scores CHOREOGRAPHY (11 routines) ProAm Spotlight Leaders1st  Kyle King w/Lemery Rollins2nd  Michael Gehrling w/Victoria Andromalos-Dale3rd  John McKenney w/Becky Larson ProAm Spotlight Followers1st  Susy Li w/Hugo Miguez2nd  Mythien Dunlap w/Frank Blakemore3rd  Maylin Morera w/Hugo Miquez4th  Christa Eppinghaus w/Markus Smith Rising Star 1st Richard DeFelice & Susan DeFelice2nd Katia Grigoriants & Rebecca Tasetano3rd Ryan Pflumm & Alaina Rogozhin4th David Moody & Kathryn Moody JACK & JILL (419 entries) These are just the finalists!  SWITCH IT UP(28 individual entries) These are just the finalists1st Faith Pangilinan & Ryan Boz2nd Kristen Shaw & Philippe Berne3rd Kelly Ponce de Leon & Flore Berne4 Gaia Read … Read more

2018 Winners

JACK & JILL JACK & JILL (496 entries) These are just the finalists! Scores: Prelims & Semis, finals Newcomer Jack & Jill Total of 30 Leaders & 35 Followers Entered Novice Jack & Jill Total of 55 Leaders & 49 Followers Entered 1st Jason Donahoo & Ashritha Mohan Ram 2nd Alec Grant & Kayla Crouch … Read more

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