Many fun contests are offered at Swing Fling! There are divisions for all skill and experience levels from first time newbies to seasoned professional competitors. Win cash prizes, gift certificates, peer admiration and custom medals. Electronic scoring provides instant results. Below is a simple summary of the contests. There are entry requirements and limitations specific to each. For important contest details read the Rules and Code of Conduct. Early registration is encouraged. The absolute last change to enter is one hour before the session begins. Good luck!

ENTRY FEES (by July 31/ on August 1st)

  • Newcomer Jack & Jill $5
  • Jack & Jill, including Pro Am $20/$25
  • Strictly Swing Couples $40/$50
  • ProAm Strictly Swing $20/$25
  • Rising Star $75/$100
  • ProAm Spotlight $75/$100


  • Newcomer Jack & Jill $5
  • Jack & Jill, including Pro Am $25
  • Strictly Swing Couples $50
  • ProAm Strictly Swing $25
  • Rising Star $100
  • ProAm Spotlight $100

Enter with your partner. We pick the music. You may enter one or multiple Strictly Swing divisions. Cash prizes and custom medals for 1st – 3rd placements. Check the rules

Levels: Levels: Newcomer/Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, AllStar
Age Divisions: Sophisticated (35+), Masters (50+)
Bridge The Gap: Dancers must be at least 20 years apart in age. Higher level dancers may not compete together as a couple but may enter with a partner from a lower division. For this contest only: no minimum age to enter. Everyone who enters Bridge the Gap has a chance to win a DJP dream pass drawn at random.
Switch (Dual Role) – Lead, follow switch roles. 


The ultimate social dance contest with cash prizes! Enter individually, partners are randomly paired, we pick the music. There will be multiple rounds for each division. Winners receive cash prizes based on the size of their division and custom medals.

World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) Levels: Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Allstar. You may enter more than one level in different roles.

Age Divisions: Sophisticated (35+), Masters (50+)


PROAM JACK & JILL – Enter individually. Dance with three randomly drawn Allstar/Champion partners. Levels: Newcomer/Novice, Intermediate

PROAM STRICTLY SWING – Dance two songs with your teacher or a favorite Allstar/Champion partner. Levels: Newcomer/Novice, Intermediate, Masters

Enter a second time in the other role.  

PRO AM SPOTLIGHT – Students enter with their teacher. Prizes include medals and the admiration of your peers.

Prizes include medals, photo opportunities and superstar dance moments. 

Bring your partner, your music, your costumes, and routine. Everyone receives a FREE professionally produced video of their performance!

RISING STAR – This division is for couples that have limited experience with choreography competition and do not yet want to compete against professionals. Cash prizes for 1st-3rd place.