Dance Card

Dance Card

Click here to print a dance card! (+3 more for your friends)


Q: How will you know I really went to these dances? 

A: We trust you! We know you love to dance. Get out there & go dancing! Also we will verify the dates/organizers for the prize winner’s card. 

Q: There aren’t enough dances in my area to go dancing ten times before Swing Fling! 

A: Road trips are the best! Come visit us in DC, drive over to Philly, boogie on down to Raleigh. -or- work with a buddy to organize your own dance opportunity. Can you crash a local bar? Dance under the stars by the ocean? Show up in force for a great band? If you get a minimum of ten folks to join in, you can count it – just get someone else to initial your card. [No self-initials.] And please document your excursion in case you’re the big winner.

Q: I’m traveling to Wild Wild Westie, Liberty Swing, etc – can I count those dances? 
A: Event weekends are awesome aren’t they! And we know they are full of amazing social dancing! But because this card is designed to support attendance at -local- dances, you may fill in squares on this card for local dances only – no national-level events. 


Q: I totally love this idea but I can’t come to Swing Fling. Can I still enter? 

A: Yes! Complete your card and have a friend bring it to Swing Fling.