A super talented and diverse staff of performers, presenters, and judges to inspire, educate and entertain us. Many are returning, some are new! More will be confirmed soon.



Swing Fling features a seriously talented and diverse group of the most friendly and FUN West Coast Swing personalities. Each are available for private lessons. Contact them individually to schedule.

Thibault & Nicole Ramirez

Markus & Trendlyn

Jason & Annmarie Marker

Greg & Lemery Rollinscott

Byron & Melodie

Phillipe & Flore Berne

Jessie & Ariel

Lara Deni & Steve Wilder

PJ Turner

Erica Smith

Matt Auclair

Kay Newhouse

Leo Lorenzo

Robin Smith

Heejung Jung

Mia Pastor

Eric Byers

Debbie Tuttle-Steffanina

Robert Royston

Sharole Negrette

Dmitri Hector

Doug Rousar

Lucy the Party Animal

Dawn Garrish


Kristen Shaw

John Collini

Kaiano Levine

Aidan Keith-Hynes

Margie Tuttle

James Kong

Jalene Haramia

Behind the scenes

The Dance Jam Productions Swing Fling team
Dave Moldover – Executive Director
Kay Newhouse – Co-Director
Casey Daniels – Data Science & Graphic Design
Alyssa Arter – Administrator
Tammy Davis – Administration Support
Amy Daniecki – Customer Service
Becky Larson – Videography
Tim Johnson – Broadcasting AV
Ian Stalker – Production & Lighting OP
Kristen Shaw – DJ coordinator
Edwina Moldover – Hospitality

Contest Staff
Paul Stoddard – Registration & Scoring
Alex Brand – Contest Coordinator
Dawn Garrish – Judge Coordinator

Alexis Garrish

Taylor Garrish
Dani Mullen-Daraz
Kendra Zara
Allison Bennett