A super talented and diverse staff of performers, presenters, and judges to inspire, educate and entertain us. Many are returning, some are new! They are available for private instruction. Contact them directly for rates and availability. 



Swing Fling features a seriously talented and diverse group of the most friendly and FUN West Coast Swing personalities. Each are available for private lessons. Contact them individually to schedule.

Thibault & Nicole Ramirez

Markus & Trendlyn

Jason & Annmarie Marker

Greg & Lemery Rollinscott

Byron & Melodie

Philippe & Flore Berne

Jesse & Ariel

Lara Deni & Steve Wilder

PJ Turner

Erica Smith

Matt Auclair

Kay Newhouse

Leo Lorenzo

Heejung Jung

Robin Smith

Mia Pastor

Eric Byers

Debbie Tuttle-Steffanina

Robert Royston

Sharole Negrette

Dimitri Hector

Doug Rousar

Oz Hampton

Dawn Garrish

Arjay Centeno


Kristen Shaw

John Collini

Rachel Rivera

Kaiano Levine

Margie Tuttle

Aidan Keith-Hynes

Jalene Haramia

James Kong

Behind the scenes

The Dance Jam Productions Swing Fling team
Dave Moldover – Executive Director
Kay Newhouse – Co-Director
Casey Daniels – Data Science & Graphic Design
Alyssa Arter – Administrator
Tammy Davis – Administration Support
Amy Daniecki – Customer Service
Becky Larson – Videography
Tim Johnson – Broadcasting AV
Ian Stalker – Production & Lighting OP
Kristen Shaw – DJ coordinator
Edwina Moldover – Hospitality

Contest Staff
Paul Stoddard – Registration & Scoring
Alex Brand – Contest Coordinator
Dawn Garrish – Judge Coordinator

Alexis Garrish

Taylor Garrish
Dani Mullen-Daraz
Kendra Zara
Allison Bennett