What kind of COVID test do I need to take? How do I show that I am “freshly tested?”

You can take a COVID test with a nurse at a medical facility or pharmacy, OR you may test yourself with an over-the-counter kit. Self-test kits are readily available and may be covered by your health insurance company. 


How do I submit the results of my COVID test? 

Please take a photo of your negative result and upload it to your account on the Swing Fling registration portal. Note that you must take your test no more than 48 hours before your arrival at Swing Fling (for PCR tests) or 12 hours (for rapid antigen tests). 


What happens if I’m COVID-positive, or the test is negative but I don’t feel well?
Attendees must be negative for COVID and feeling well! If you test positive (even without symptoms) or feel unwell (even with a negative test) please self-isolate and contact us


Does everyone have to test? What if I am vaccinated/ had covid recently / am a literal baby?

YES everyone needs to test! If you’ve recently had COVID, we recommend you use a “rapid antigen test” – the kind that gives results in about 15 minutes. This kind of test is unlikely to remain positive once you are no longer infectious. You must also meet CDC criteria for ending isolation


What is the mask policy?

Masks use is optional. We strongly support individuals who choose to wear a mask any time throughout the weekend with us to protect yourself or as a courtesy to those around you. We also anticipate that all our guests will be respectful and kind to each other  – which may mean that you decide, at times, to put on a mask because you would like to dance with someone who feels more comfortable that way. (We expect to see lots of masks!)

Also read Code of Conduct,  Covid Safety PolicyContest Rules